UMB Electrical Upgrade

In 2020, the University of Maryland Baltimore completed a comprehensive project to upgrade electrical distribution systems across the entire campus. The project replaced outdated equipment and infrastructure and included the construction of two new electrical substations and routing of new electrical lines. CEI provided structural, civil, and landscape architectural services for the demolition and replacement of existing electrical substations, the routing of utility services and electrical ductbank, and site restoration of the impacted areas. The two new substations feature reinforced CMU framing, brick veneer, standard spread footings, and rear loading docks with truck access. For all area disturbed by the linear utility work, we replaced sidewalks with brick pavers and ensured ADA accessible routes, in accordance with campus standards.


  • Site designs included new water, sanitary, storm drain, and electrical connections, routing of ductbank, and site restoration. The area of disturbance was approximately 0.4 acres.
  • Site designs also include stormwater management and erosion/sediment control, new microbioretention areas, plantings, and permitting through MDE.
  • Structural designs included two new electrical substations. The North Substation houses a recycling center on the ground floor and switchgear on the third floor.