Gwynns Falls Sewershed Water Mains

Working with Prime Engineer O’Brien & Gere, Carroll Engineering provided civil services for a Baltimore City Department of Public Works contract to rehabilitate selected portions of the public water mains within the Gwynns Falls Sewershed. The project included linear utility repair and replacement of water mains within three areas of the Gwynns Falls Sewershed, including portions of Sefton Avenue, South Street, and the Glenmore Area. Due to the extensive area and environmental impact of proposed work, the project required coordination with multiple local permitting agencies to allow work in the sewershed. CEI reviewed the intent, scope, and location of the project in order to determine the required permits and develop an expected schedule. CEI provided full civil designs and managed the permitting process throughout the entire project, acting as a liaison between the prime and the reviewing agencies.


  • Required permits and reviews included City Environmental Review, City Construction Permit, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission review, a Joint Permit for work within the floodplain, and a Right-of-Way Permit.


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  • Architect:
    O’Brien & Gere
  • Owner:
    Baltimore City