Our People


Judith Carroll, PE


Licenses: MD, VA, PA, NJ, DE

As president of CEI, Ms. Carroll has served the firm for more than 30 years. She oversees the civil, structural, and LA departments, supervising, and designing many major projects. With a diverse range of expertise, Ms. Carroll specializes in site planning, structural rehabilitation, historic preservation, utility design, and stormwater management. Working with public and private clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Ms. Carroll’s experience ranges from university work to wastewater facilities. She manages projects efficiently, maintaining continuous communication to ensure successful completion. Ms. Carroll graduated from Northeastern University in 1980.

Kevin Merriman, PE

Vice President

Licenses: AL, CT, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, NY, OH, SC, VA, WV

Mr. Merriman has served as Vice President of CEI for more than 15 years.  As head of the structural department, he is involved in all project phases, from schematic design through construction administration.  He provides design insights on new construction, renovation, and design-build projects, and he is well-versed in a variety of structural systems. Throughout the design process, Mr. Merriman communicates with the client to develop efficient plans for lasting projects.  With more than 20 years in the industry, he has completed structural services for a number of notable projects, including universities, residential developments, and stadiums.  Mr. Merriman attended the University of Maryland and graduated in 1989.

Scott Bradley, PE


Licenses: MD, VA, FL, NC

As a Principal in CEI’s structural department, Mr. Bradley possesses a broad expertise in new construction, condition assessments, renovations, and historic rehabilitation.  He is knowledgeable on all project phases, and he has worked on a variety of facilities, from universities and stadiums to government high-rises and private office buildings.  Mr. Bradley has developed a thorough understanding of the most current industry software, including RISA, ADAPT, Enercalc, and REVIT.  His cost-effective designs and knowledge of structural materials make his experience a particular asset to our clients.  Mr. Bradley graduated in 1998 from the University of Maryland with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Kelly Cray, PE

Associate Principal, Structural

Licenses: MD

Ms. Cray has 18 years of experience as a structural engineer and provides thorough project management services, including project coordination, document production, and site visits. A graduate of Lafayette College, Ms. Cray also earned a master’s in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins University. She is familiar with all major structural materials, and she is well-versed in codes, lateral analysis, and detailing. With experience in the latest technology, including Revit, Ms. Cray provides clients with accurate, cost-effective, and timely designs for any project. She provides particular expertise in the healthcare, multi-family, and retail sectors.

Justin Prajzner, PE

Associate Principal, Structural

Licenses: MD

As a structural engineer at CEI, Mr. Prajzner has developed a particular expertise in the industry’s most advanced technologies. His experience with the latest BIM programs has proven valuable to our structural team and our clients, and he has used Revit software to complete work on multiple notable contracts. Working with a variety of structural materials, Mr. Prajzner has completed projects in commercial, residential, medical, and university sectors. He is knowledgeable of the most recent building codes and standards, and he will bring his extensive industry expertise to every project. Mr. Prajzner graduated from McDaniel College in 2003, and earned a master’s in structural engineering from the University of Maryland in 2006.

Tom Rusy, PE

Associate Principal, Structural

Licenses: MD

Mr. Rusy is an accomplished structural engineer who skillfully manages high-profile and specialty design projects. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Mr. Rusy has more than 25 years of experience. He has worked with steel, conventional and post-tensioned concrete, pre-cast concrete, tilt-up concrete, masonry, timber, and cold-framed steel structures. Mr. Rusy provides services for government, retail, hospitality, residential, academic, mission critical, science and technology, office, healthcare, and infrastructure projects. He is particularly knowledgeable of anti-terrorism designs, such as building hardening, and progressive collapse prevention standards.

Craig Shannon, PE

Associate Principal, Civil

Licenses: MD, DE, PA, VA

With 18 years of experience, Mr. Shannon is Chief Civil Engineer at CEI. Having worked on public and private projects throughout the mid-Atlantic region, he is proficient in state and local regulations, jurisdictional design standards, and balancing costs, schedules, and design elements. His extensive knowledge of permitting and environmental standards is a valuable asset to our clients. Mr. Shannon has developed designs for many local and state jurisdictions, allowing for swift navigation of permitting processes. He specializes in stormwater management, grading, erosion/sediment control, hydrological and hydraulic analysis, utilities, roadway and parking infrastructure, and ADA accessibility. Mr. Shannon graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1998.

Ray Vickery, PE, SE

Associate Principal, Structural

Licenses: MD

Mr. Vickery is a licensed professional engineer with more than 13 years of experience as a structural project manager. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he has worked extensively on new construction and renovation projects in the commercial, residential, and public works sectors. Mr. Vickery is an expert in concrete, steel, wood, and concrete masonry design, and he is well-versed in the latest building code requirements and industry standard design practices for a wide range of building systems. He is also proficient at working with the RAM SS and RISA software design suites, as well as Revit and AutoCAD.

Elvis Andino Nolasco, EIT

Civil Designer

With a Master’s in Environmental Engineering from UMBC, Mr. Nolasco provides specialized knowledge of stormwater management, hydrologic modeling, and groundwater modeling.  His designs for stormwater solutions are creative, modern, and environmentally sensitive.  He has a thorough understanding of site design, including planning, redevelopment, GIS, ADA accessibility, and water distribution systems, and he has particular experience with utility design.  Working on projects in a variety of market sectors throughout the state of Maryland, Mr. Nolasco is familiar with MDE permitting guidelines and local design standards.

Chris Burton

Structural Designer

With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Burton provides accurate and thorough project management throughout all project phases. His expertise extends to client and project team coordination, scheduling, document production, and construction administration. Working across the mid-Atlantic region, Mr. Burton specializes in office, flex/industrial, and commercial properties. During a project, he completes field inspections, documentation of existing conditions, team collaboration and clash detection, and the overlay of record drawings. He is well-versed in AutoCAD, Revit, and Enercalc. He works with a variety of structural materials, including steel, tilt-up concrete, masonry, and cold-framed steel.

A. J. Carver, EIT

Structural Designer

A recent graduate of Virginia Tech, Mr. Carver holds a degree in civil/environmental engineering and earned his EIT in 2021. Mr. Carver began working with CEI’s structural team in 2018 as a student intern, gaining valuable hands-on experience and developing a proficiency in the latest industry software under the mentorship of our skilled engineers. Now a full-time staff engineer, Mr. Carver brings creative design solutions and strong technical expertise to every project. He is familiar with a variety of structural materials from wood and masonry to concrete and steel, and he works in Revit, AutoCAD, and Enercalc. With experience in new construction, renovation, and historic rehabilitation work, Mr. Carver prepares accurate, cost-effective designs and provides thorough field investigations.

Marty Ensor, EIT

Civil Designer

With a diverse background in the engineering field, Mr. Ensor provides detailed site designs for a variety of project types. Specializing in stormwater management, site grading, erosion/sediment control plans, utility designation, and local permitting, he works on new construction, renovation, planning, and site restoration projects across the state of Maryland. Mr. Ensor is knowledgeable of design programs including AutoCAD and Civil 3D, and he performs on-site services, including existing conditions surveys, utility research, and field investigations. Mr. Ensor graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in chemical and environmental engineering.

Mike Fahrner, PE

Civil Engineer

With nearly 10 years of experience in the civil engineering field, Mr. Fahrner designs and manages projects with a focus on efficiency, function, and environmental impact. He is proficient in AutoCAD Civil 3D, hydrologic modeling for stormwater management, erosion/sediment control, and CA services. With a background in utilities and water/wastewater work, Mr. Fahrner’s expertise is now largely focused on renovation and new construction of public education facilities. Working in urban, suburban, and rural sites throughout Maryland, he efficiently navigates state and local permitting processes. Mr. Fahrner is a 2014 graduate of the University of Maryland and holds a degree in civil engineering.

Claire Fishman, PLA

Landscape Architect

With a strong landscape architecture background, Ms. Fishman coordinates with CEI’s civil team to lead urban, suburban, and rural projects from concept through construction completion. A graduate of the University of Maryland, her expertise includes planning, site design, land-use design, FSD/FCP, environmental analysis, and landscaping. Ms. Fishman also provides supporting services for stormwater management, utility designs, and erosion/sediment control designs. As a LEED Green Associate and Maryland DNR Qualified Professional, Ms. Fishman also provides insight on the latest environmental regulations and innovations.

Mark Hood, PE

Structural Engineer

Mr. Hood is a skilled project manager with experience in new construction, renovations, and assessments. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he has more than 30 years of experience. His knowledge extends to steel, wood, masonry, poured and precast concrete, concrete restoration, and carbon fiber reinforcing. He is also skilled in deep foundation systems, underpinning, and excavation shoring systems. Mr. Hood has managed numerous multimillion dollar projects within a variety of market sectors, including universities, entertainment and culture, education, multifamily, and water/wastewater. Detail-oriented and efficient, Mr. Hood has the ability to solve unique design challenges, producing cost-effective projects and developing long-term client relationships.

Bill Landis

Structural Designer

Mr. Landis is a Structural Designer with 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction fields. As CEI’s BIM Coordinator, he provides advanced knowledge of the latest BIM software, including BIM Collaborate Pro, Navisworks, and other design technologies and programs, such as AutoCAD. A graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Mr. Landis specializes in precast concrete structures. He is skilled in project management and clash detection for construction in a variety of sectors, including retail, office, residential, and mixed-use projects. He is also an Autodesk Revit Structure Certified Professional.

Bethann Laughman

Civil Designer

Ms. Laughman is an experienced designer and project manager with more than 10 years in the field. Her work includes new construction, additions, and renovations, with a particular emphasis on education and underground utility projects. Throughout the design process, Ms. Laughman coordinates with the team, the client, and the appropriate local jurisdiction to ensure accurate plans and timely reviews. She has worked extensively with Prince George’s County and is very familiar with the regional permitting processes, standards, and reviewing agencies. Ms. Laughman is a graduate of Delaware Valley University with a degree in environmental science.

Mark Mahan, PE

Civil Engineer

Mr. Mahan is a professional engineer who efficiently prepares plans emphasizing function, human interaction, environmental impact, and our client’s vision. His professional experience extends to stormwater management, erosion/sediment control, grading, water and sanitary systems, site planning, hardscape, and permitting. Mr. Mahan also performs on-site duties, such as photo documentation, survey verification, utility investigations, and punchlist inspections. Working in many localities within Maryland, Mr. Mahan is knowledgeable of permitting guidelines, and he coordinates effectively to keep projects on schedule. Mr. Mahan graduated from the University of Buffalo in 2016 with an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, received his Maryland PE license in 2021, and graduated from the University of Buffalo in 2023 with a graduate degree in engineering management.

Dave McMillion

Civil Designer

With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. McMillion provides project management, site design, and production services for new construction projects, site improvements, and studies. He has worked extensively with Baltimore City, Howard County, and Maryland state agencies, and he is knowledgeable of state and local regulations. Mr. McMillion develops stormwater management and erosion/sediment control designs, Developer’s Agreements and various permit documents, and he also performs on-site services such as life expectancy evaluations for existing site materials, utility research, and punchlist inspections. Mr. McMillion specializes in educational projects, stormwater management, erosion/sediment control, utility design and permitting.

Eric Mohar

Structural Designer

With more than 10 years of experience as a drafter and designer, Mr. Mohar uses strong technical skills to prepare drawings and 3D models of complex projects and structures.  As a Structural Designer and BIM Designer, he is proficient in AutoCAD, Creo, and the latest BIM software, including BIM Collaborate Pro.  Mr. Mohar’s experience includes project management, geometric tolerancing, clash detection, and design development.  He has particular expertise in the multifamily sector, designing new, pre-engineered wood buildings.  Mr. Mohar is a 2011 graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

Corey Mohar, EIT

Structural Designer

Mr. Mohar is an efficient and exacting structural designer with experience in both renovation and new construction projects. With a particular focus on flex/industrial buildings and water/wastewater work, he is familiar with a variety of construction materials, including concrete and concrete tilt-up, masonry, wood, and steel. A graduate of Penn State University, Mr. Mohar is proficient in the latest design technologies, including Revit, AutoCAD, RISA, and Enercalc. With a conscientious, client-focused approach, Mr. Mohar provides designs and services including evaluations, construction inspections, technical specifications, structural framing, and foundations.

Isabella Pacho, PE

Structural Engineer

With a strong background in structural engineering, Ms. Pacho brings innovative ideas and exceptional practical design knowledge to CEI’s team. Skilled in software such as AutoCAD, Revit, and RISA, she works on projects ranging from façade renovations and assessments to new construction. Ms. Pacho is experienced in multiple market sectors, including multi-family, education, and retail, and she has a thorough understanding of the latest building codes. She also performs on-site services and CA duties, such as existing conditions assessments and shop drawing review. Ms. Pacho graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and recently completed a master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University.

Maureen Sullivan, PE

Structural Engineer

Ms. Sullivan is a knowledgeable Structural Engineer with more than 10 years of experience at CEI. With an emphasis on historic restoration and wood-framed structures, Ms. Sullivan specializes in renovation and addition projects and works with a variety of structural systems. Her knowledge of the latest design techniques, including the most up-to-date Revit software, has proven extremely valuable to our clients. Ms. Sullivan is an effective project manager and construction administration professional, maintaining team and client coordination from early schematic design through construction completion. She specializes in wood-framed residential and multi-family buildings, as well as retail, education, office, and industrial work.

Shepard Turner, EIT

Civil Designer

A 2023 graduate of West Virginia University, Turner has particular expertise in environmental engineering, hydrology, and water resources engineering.  As a Civil Designer, they are well-versed in programs such as AutoCAD and Civil 3D, and their experience extends to environmental compliance, stormwater management, and environmental permitting, including Joint Permit Applications for the federal government.  Working with numerous local jurisdictions, Turner provides site grading, erosion/sediment control plans, utility designation, and permitting.  They also perform on-site services, such as condition assessments, field investigations, and construction administration.  They earned an EIT certification in 2022.

George Twigg, PE

Civil Engineer

Mr. Twigg is a skilled civil engineer and project manager with more than 20 years of experience providing site design services on an array of projects across the mid-Atlantic region. He is knowledgeable of all project phases, from early design to construction management, and he provides all services necessary to lead a project to successful completion. Mr. Twigg’s expertise includes grading, site layout, ADA accessibility, and utilities. He is also familiar with the MDE review process for stormwater management, erosion/sediment control, and joint permit applications. With a strong work ethic centered on efficiency and team coordination, Mr. Twigg creates cost-efficient, effective, and successful designs.