Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Carroll Engineering has been working with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for more than 15 years. WSSC operates and maintains water and wastewater infrastructure in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties and Washington, DC, including pump stations, dams, wastewater treatment plants, and water filtration plants. Working at a variety of WSSC facilities, CEI has provided civil, structural, and landscape architectural services ranging from inspections and assessments to renovations and new construction. Our most recent work with WSSC includes the demolition and decommissioning of Marlboro Meadows Wastewater Treatment Plant, construction of a new water pump station and ancillary utilities to serve Montgomery County’s Brink Zone, and a valve replacement at the Central Avenue Water Pump Station.


  • Our experience includes improvements at water and wastewater pumping stations, inspections and reinforcement of the Brighton and Duckett dams, installation of water tanks, and replacement of underground vaults.
  • The projects require coordination with WSSC and Prince George’s County for site permit approval.
  • Designs for new utilities have included water mains, force mains, and gravity sewer mains.