National Business Park

Spanning nearly 500 acres in Annapolis Junction, National Business Park is a mixed-use corporate, technology, and retail development totaling more than 3 million SF. Catering to government agencies and defense/IT contractors, the buildings at National Business Park include Class A Offices, SCIFs, and data centers, with many structures meeting ATFP design standards. Working with the Corporate Office Properties Trust since 2009, CEI provided designs for multiple new buildings at NBP. Each of the buildings are between 4 and 5 stories and feature aesthetically similar designs, including steel framing, pre-cast and glass veneer with punch windows. In order to meet LEED goals for five of the buildings, much of the material used was recycled and regional. CEI provided full structural designs for six buildings at NBP, one of which is currently in design.


  • Building structural designs included steel framing, precast concrete wall panels, curtain-wall system, progressive collapse avoidance and ATFP, and standard spread footing foundations.
  • Our work includes buildings 320, 410, 420, 430, 540, and 560. Building 560 is currently in design. Three of the buildings achieved LEED Gold certification and one achieved LEED Silver.


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  • Architect:
    George Vaeth Associates
  • Owner:
    The Corporate Office Properties Trust