Owings Mills Metro Centre Garages

The two parking garages at Owings Mills Metro Centre serve the entire, 46-acre development, providing approximately 5,000 vehicle parking spaces. Totaling 1.5 million SF, the garages are centrally located to provide walkable access to retail shops, office buildings, apartments, and restaurants in the transit-oriented development. As structural engineer for the entire Owings Mills Metro Centre project, CEI provided designs for both garages. The structures each included plans for post-tensioned concrete systems, deep foundations, and retaining walls to accommodate partially below-grade levels. CEI provided full structural designs for both new garages, opened in 2007 and 2014.


  • Building structural designs included deep foundation systems of augered-cast concrete piles and retaining walls at below-grade levels.
  • The garages total 1.5 million SF and provide approximately 5,000 vehicle spaces.
  • Exterior veneer features brick, metal panels, and EIFS.